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Chicago Mattress Company

Quality Assurance

Chicago Mattress Company is committed to building quality products that are comfortable,safe and affordable. Our quality assurance systems ensure well-crafted, consistent and high quality products. We listen to our customers and are driven to meet their needs.See More

Our Products

Chicago Mattress Company has a complete product line, starting with promotional smooth top bedding and bunkies, and extending to luxurious Tack and Jump Pillow Tops. CMC also can meet your need for custom-size bedding. See More

Customer Service

CMC’s Customer Service Team always provides accurate and timely information. We are responsive, proactive, and reliable. Able to respond to requests quickly, CMC prides itself on hands-on ownership, always present and pleased to help you determine which products are most profitable for your business. We understand that our success is built on a foundation of your success.

Buy Smart

Chicago Mattress Company is determined to manufacture quality products and provide the best customer service in the industry. We built this company with a vision singularly focused on you, the customer. We build products that will exceed your expectations and will be delivered on time, every time. Simply put, we help your Bedding Department grow profitably and stay successful. See More


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